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"Little gems"

My aim in painting is to make things that we casually pass by every day, attract attention, and that their beauty is recognized.

Upgrading ordinary objects by using contrasting darks and lights to create shine is my way to emphasize common, everyday items, so they stand out.

All paintings are painted with professional oil paint on Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) which I prime with gesso and sand smooth before applying a thinned layer of transparent oil paint as a substrate for the painting.

I thank you for visiting my gallery and hope you enjoy it!

I am proud to say that I have won the third prize with my painting ‘Starring’ in the 'Painting of the year 2019' competition.
The jury's judgment is as follows:
A great work in its expression despite the small size. A daring classic and therefore timeless work. The background is perfect in its simplicity and the limited space is optimally utilized. From a distance it is a very photorealistic work with a fantastic material expression and up close it is an almost modern and expressionist work with large brush strokes. The painting is painted ton sur ton with a limited palette and consists of only exciting parts.