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After my study at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), my creativity has been on the back burner for decades, due to different jobs where creativity had no added value. In this period I did paint, with watercolor, acrylic and mixed techniques. By visiting Museums, and getting acquainted with paintings by painters such as Henk Helmantel and Jan Mankes, I became interested in painting still lifes with oil paint.

"Little gems"

Since two years I have more time and I try to make a small painting every day. Some days I am full of ideas and painting comes naturally, and some days I struggle. The most challenging part of the painting process is finding an inspiring subject and a good composition. I am always looking for a good balance between light and dark and it makes me happy if I succeed.

I thank you for visiting my gallery and hope you enjoy it!

18th of Januari 2020
I am proud to say that I have won the third prize with my painting ‘Starring’ in the 'Painting of the year 2019' competition. It is absolutely fantastic that my paintings were immediately sold during the opening of the exhibition at Kunstzaal van Heijningen in The Hague (the Netherlands)!

The jury's judgment is as follows:
A great work in its expression despite the small size. A daring classic and therefore timeless work. The background is perfect in its simplicity and the limited space is optimally utilized. From a distance it is a very photorealistic work with a fantastic material expression and up close it is an almost modern and expressionist work with large brush strokes. The painting is painted ton sur ton with a limited palette and consists of only exciting parts.